*** collegamento in via di redifinizione *** ARISS School Contact 7 Ottobre 2020 14:15 UTC

*** Collegamento in via di ridefinizione***

Per il 7 Ottobre 2020 ore 14:15 (16:15 ora italiana) è programmato un collegamento ARISS con la McConnell Middle School, Loganville, GA.

Il collegamento avverrà in modalità multi-point telebridge
via ON4ISS. Multi-point telebridge significa che ogni studente sarà in teleconferenza da casa propria e parteciperà al collegamento con la propria linea telefonica: una sfida di grande complessità che integra radio e Voip.

Il callsign per la ISS sarà OR4ISS, l’astronauta al microfono sarà Chris Cassidy KF5KDR. Potremo ricevere il segnale dalla ISS ed ascoltare le risposte dell’astronauta sui 437.525 MHz FM, e ricordiamo sempre: solo RX! Le scuole aspettano questo momento da mesi ed ogni interferenza è da evitare. Aspettiamo i vostri rapporti di ricezione!

Il colloquio avverà in inglese, vediamo le domande preparate dagli studenti:

1. Are there special activities designed for you to help relieve the stress of living and working in space?
2. Describe what surprised you about earth when you got to the ISS.
3. Do you see evidence of the recent West Coast wildfires or other environmental situations?
4. As a middle school student what can we do to prepare ourselves for the job you do today as an astronaut?
5. In the movie The Martian, Mark was trained as a botanist. What is your area of interest and what experiments are you doing in your field? 6. How long is your mission and how do you expect it might impact your body?
7. What was the hardest part of training prior to going to space?
8. How often do you need to do repairs on the outside of the ISS?
9. Describe your medical training that would help if an astronaut becomes ill or seriously injured while on the space station.
10. Standard air pressure on earth is 1 atmosphere. What air pressure do they try to maintain on the ISS?
11. What qualifications do you have that enable you to be assigned to more than one mission or similar?
12. Have you ever tried growing carrots or root vegetables in space?
13. Are there any times where any shipments of food or drinks are running late, or have space flight troubles, and you run out of food or water for the time?
14. How does food taste when you don’t get to smell it?
15. How is the ISS designed in case of a collision with space junk or a meteoroid?
16. What is the procedure if spills, liquid or solid, occur during experiments?
17. How do you maintain clean hygiene while in space? 18. What is your normal schedule on the ISS?

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