*** Sarà rischedulato *** ARISS School Contact 9 Ottobre 11:07 UTC

Per venerdì 9 Ottobre ore 11:07 UTC (13:07 ora locale per l’Italia) è previsto un collegamento ARISS con il team Ro-SAt One, Piatra-Neamț, Romania.
Il collegamento avverrà in modalità diretta via YRØISS; il callsign per la ISS sarà OR4ISS, l’astronauta al microfono sarà Chris Cassidy KF5KDR.

Potremo ricevere il segnale dalla ISS ed ascoltare le risposte dell’astronauta sui 145,800 MHz FM, e ricordiamo sempre: solo RX! Le scuole aspettano questo momento da mesi ed ogni interferenza è da evitare. Aspettiamo i vostri rapporti di ricezione!

Ecco le domande:

1. How do you know what time it is if a watch is not available?  
2. What scientific experiments are being conducted now on the ISS and which one is your favorite?
3. What are your feelings before take-off and just before landing?
4. From which perspective Earth or the ISS, does the Earth look more beautiful?
5. How often do you see Auroras and are there any differences between Borealis and Australis?
6. Do you gossip former members of the crew or make any pranks to each other in your free time?
7. What advice do you have for children to become astronauts?
8. Do you have a favourite, if any, astronaut specific joke?
9. If you didn’t have the opportunity to become an astronaut, what career do you think you would have?
10. What was the most spectacular or strangest phenomenon or activity seen from onboard?
11. How much time does it take from landing on Earth to get used to not let things float around you like on the ISS?
12. Can you describe to us what feeling do you have when you go outside the ISS?
13. How do you get rid of space junk?
14. Do you have a birthday cake on your birthday?
15. In which ISS module do you spend most of your time?
16. How the digestion process is affected by microgravity?
17. Have you ever cried on the ISS and if so, did the tears stick to your eye like a bubble?
18. What thing would you change at the ISS by referring to your personal experience?
19. Have you done any tests on Astrobee or is it being used right now? 20. Do you have any question nobody ever asked you, but you would like to answer it?

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