Collegamento ARISS, 4 Dicembre 2020 12:25 UTC telebridge via IK1SLD udibile dall’Europa

Official NASA/Commercial Crew Portrait – Victor Glover. Photo Date: July 31, 2018. Location: Building 8, Room 183 – Photo Studio. Photographer: Robert Markowitz

Venerdì 4 Dicembre alle 12.25 UTC (13:25 locali) la IKSLD ARISS Telebridge Ground Station gestirà il collegamento ARISS che vede coinvolta la Scuola Secondaria di I grado “Anna Frank” di Pistoia.

Il callsign per la ISS sarà OR4ISS e l’astronauta schedulato è Victor Glover KI5BKC (nella foto, crediti NASA). Sarà un multipoint telebridge: alcuni studenti saranno collegati da scuola, altri dalle rispettive case. Per chi ascolta non cambia nulla: sintonizzatevi sui 145.800 MHz FM in sola RX!

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Ecco le domande preparate dagli studenti:

1. How do you sleep in space? 2. Is it possible to grow a plant on the ISS? 3. How long does it take to get to the Space Station? 4. When you are on the Space Station, do you ever wish to go back home?5. How fast is the space station going? 6. What is the internal temperature of the ISS? 7. How is the feeling of moving from terrestrial gravity to space gravity? 8. Which are the actions to be performed in case of emergency? 9. What are the strangest sensations you feel when you return to Earth? 10. If you could bring a loved one on the Space Station, who will you bring with you? 11. How do you feel when you take spacewalks? Are you afraid or is it a beautiful feeling? 12. Do you have a medical kit and a physician on board the ISS? 13. What is the training astronauts like? Is it hard? 14. Is the food in space all lyophilized, or is there something in liquid state, apart from drinks? 15. What are the most difficult and which are the most exciting parts of your jobs? 16. How do you see ARISS and the amateur radio on board the ISS? 17. How many hours do you work a day and what are you experiencing and studying now? 18. Has the food a good flavor after you add water on it? 19. Have you had any technical problems? Which types are the most frequent? 20. Which is the oldest module of the ISS?

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